Rent roll growth: Information nights

Make a list of who you are wanting to invite to the event

  • Enter details into the Contact Management System
  • You can email then call them (It’s a follow up after you have sent them some information via your CMS)
  • Door prizes are a great tool to use as incentives to get people to the event
  • Invite sponsors: they cover costs and even donate the prizes
  • Invite speakers and their clients to get more people turning up
  • Create an event with your Facebook page and invite people through social media remember LinkedIn
  • Create a video of the night

Follow up procedure

  • Call attendees within three days
  • Send them a copy of the video and any photos that were taken
  • Visit them, give them a gift for attending e.g. coffee card
  • Get business cards from attendees and thank them in your newsletter and your social media accounts (Facebook/LinkedIn)
  • Announce winners/speakers/ promote sponsors within your social media too
  • Be sure to add all of the attendees to your newsletters

About the author

Hamish has over 17 years of experience within the property management industry and has experience throughout New Zealand and Australia as a manager, principal and consultant. He utilised all of this experience to form a property management business that he expanded between 2009 and 2016 into 7 locations around New Zealand.